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As of today (04/01/2021) the Guild shop is now open! But only to a select few, full public opening will be later this week.

Our Guild's official badges are out!

We are now doing a monthly give away for all members of the PHANTOM BRAWLERS. (Only apples to members of the Discord server who have opt'd in to giveaways)

Welcome to the PHANTOM BRAWLERS UK Gaming Guild!

Now accepting players from all over the world that can speak English.

Want to join us? Click on the Discord link here to come join the server and become an official member!

Don't forget to check out our YouTube, Twitch and Twitter! (Our Facebook page is not kept up to date!)

The games we are currently playing are:

Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Destiny 2

Animal Crossing New Horizons
Sea Of Thieves

Genshin Impact

Future games are always in discussion!

Upcoming Events